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I am 69 years old, a post-mid-life career changer (talk about changing brain maps) and late life father. I returned to graduate school at Illinois State University in 1991, and graduated with an MS in Counselor Education in 1996. I am now retired from my counseling practice and divorced.  I am father to  Shane,  my 18 year old track stud and soon to be Marine, and Hannah Marie, my 12 year old track and volleyball participant who is one of those amazing academic stars. They both are band members and routinely lord their musical talent over me.  I am not allowed to sing for example.

My personal background is in addictions and biofeedback.

My specialty is biofeedback training as it relates to anger management, domestic violence, and addictions. I have utilized many tools personally over the course of my experience including cognitive-behavioral, REBT, twelve step models, psychodrama, mindfulness training, HeartMath, (HeartMath was not here 10 years ago) EEG brainwave biofeedback, , Open Focus, initiation, mythology, and I am familiar with the work of many clinicians, from Carl Jung to Allan Schore's current work on attachment.

I personally love Joseph Campbell's work in mythology, and I think Steven Spielberg and the Grimm Brothers offer interesting information about our life choices.

So you can see, I have been involved in the mental health aspects of counseling, but that is not the only kind of counselor there is.

You may be looking for a marriage counselor, or a debt or credit counselor, or a nutritional counselor, or an addictions counselor, or even a psychic counselor.

As I build this site, I hope to provide useful information about those various counseling fields.

Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Why a web site? Well, that is a very interesting question. When I went back to graduate school, I was proud that I did not know how to use a computer, and since I had gotten through undergraduate school without a PC, which was before they were invented, by the way, I figured my grit and determination would carry the day. Who needs technology with grit and determination?

Then I went to the library. My old card catalog was now on a computer. No block long cabinet with hundreds of shelves with little index cards in the drawers. My grit and determination wavered. I did not want to look like an idiot to the computer savvy kids there, you know the middle aged bald guy who does not know how to turn the computer on?

Well, I swallowed my pride, and learned how to at least search for resources at the library and a buddy gave me an old, old 356 for me to use, but I did not even know that I needed an online connection to go to the internet.

Well, I did learn a bit of typing, then I graduated, and wanted to do EEG Biofeedback, which is a computerized process. Lucky for me, it was pretty user friendly and used somebody else's brain to work.

About that time, 1996 or 1997, AOL came out with their famous floppy disk mailing to every home in America, and I was one of the folks who signed up to try out AOL, and that was my first experience with the online world.

There wasn't so much spam then, so I read most of what showed up in my e-mail, and one of those e-mails was from an online marketer named Rozalind Gardner, who claimed to be making $450,000.00 USD per year, and she was selling an e-book (an e-book?) for $60.00. (By the way, Rozalind is still around, and still making a very good living online).

That number, 450,000, intrigued me, so against my better nature, I ordered it, and printed it and read it a couple of times, and she outlined a number of strategies available for online busines building. (My then wife looked at me with a great deal of suspicion as I snuck around with my new manifesto).

One of those strategies was SBI or Solo Build It, which is the platform I use to create this website.

I was excited by the potential I saw for online business building, and decided to try my hand.

I bought an SBI subscription and proceeded to pour about six months of intense labor into creating a site that was doomed to poor traffic and hence poor conversions because I did not know how to pick a domain name.

I decided to try one more, about retirement since I am an old dog, but that one has limited key words also.

My third SBI site, which I began after attending the SBI Educational training is working the way they say it should, traffic and income growing just the way it is supposed to.

And now I am an SBI Educational instructor and soon to be an E-Learning instructor.

So an old dog can learn new tricks, if that means an online business that allows me to be at home and work on my own schedule, that allows me to learn a huge amount of challenging information from incredibly talented and intelligent people.

In not too many more years, I will be eligible for social security payments, and I personally would like to supplement that with lots of website income.

Believe me if I can do it, you can do it. Please join me as an SBI affiliate, which means if you click on the link below, and buy an SBI subscription, I will make $75.00. If you renew, I will get paid again.

Sell a few of those per month and I can pay for my new Harley Davidson. You remember that book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, right?

See you there.

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